Legalities for Your Italian Wedding


One of the key concerns regarding a destination wedding is the legal paperwork involved. Getting married in Italy does involve some paperwork and the requirements are dependent on your nationalities.


Putting together the paperwork can be confusing however The Italian Wedding Planner team will guide you through any that you need to complete in your home country and assist you with all legally required paperwork in Italy.


With our teamís knowledge and experience in processing your documentation you can rest assured that, when it comes to your wedding in Italy, everything is going to be perfect.


Translators and Interpreters


If you are not an EU citizen you many have to have your documentation translated in to Italian. We can arrange for our trusted partners, based in Italy, to translate via email, often at short notice if needed when planning a last minute wedding.


All non-Italian citizens who do not speak Italian must have an interpreter present at the presentation of documentation and at their wedding ceremony. When possible we are honoured to perform this service for you. However should there be other factors youíd like us to be taking care of at that time, we recommend engaging a professional interpreter and can help you with arranging this.


For Catholic weddings we endeavour to find a priest who is fluent in English. If the local priest does not speak English, we will find a priest, brother or nun to perform the role of interpreter.


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