Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Coptic Weddings in Italy


Venice is one of the most spectacular cities of the world and is the centre for the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, and Coptic churches in Italy.


Celebrate your wedding in the Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George in Venice, known as San Giorgio dei Greci, the oldest and historically the most important church of the Orthodox diaspora. For centuries it has been one of the finest Orthodox temples in the world, decorated with stunning mosaics and paintings.


The ceremony is not legally binding therefore you will be required to have a civil ceremony beforehand, which we can assist you with.


We highly recommend you start the planning process as early as possible as there is some paperwork required for the church and some steps you must take which your priest will guide you through.


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“..We could relax
and enjoy our day
secure in the knowledge
you were always
one step ahead”


Susan and Leo (USA)


Susan and Leo's Italian Wedding


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